Dirndl incl. blouse

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Please note: These pictures only show a very small selection of our available Dirndl models. We will always try to deliver your preferred color, if this is not available we will deliver another color.
  Classic, lovingly embroidered Dirndl in different color combinations with matching aprons. The length is just below the knee (as a proper Dirndl is supposed to be). For every occasion you find the right Dirndl with us - a trip to the Oktoberfest, a wedding, a corporate event ... tell us about it and we fit you out! Is your bodice really tight? Then it's perfect! And don't worry: After the first Maß of beer you will get used to it! The Dirndl has to be tight! Do you know if your apron is tied properly?; Bow on the front left means single, married or given on the front right, center front virgin and center back widowed. (The specified color is the basic color of the Dirndl.) Sizes: 32 - 54 Material: cotton and others Colors: pink, red, green, purple, blue, black (several apron colours) All traditional costumes

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